Infinity wars deck illegal

infinity wars deck illegal

a fourth one? That's odd as purity of 3 ie. 3 commanders is as high as it goes. Sounds like a bug to me. Can you get a screen shot and send it to.
I played 'Scavenge the Dead' from the Weekly Free Deck list just a few weeks ago however with the Patch and deck rotation change today.
on a FAQ for infinity wars because, well frankly its sorely needed. (Props to zetsubro for .. Q: Why does it say my starter deck is " illegal "?.

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Maybe it's the bug of all the starter decks. Second off, you can only have the color cards of what your commanders are. Clue: plenty of people! So you'll have to tell me which "PvP" mode you're queueing for so that I know the rules your deck must follow in order to be legal. Instead of using a pre-constructed deck, players "draft" cards out of a randomly chosen selection. And the "Report" section is bugged cant send messages. You can select what card you want to put,they are the same card divided in:soulbounds tradeable and non-tradeable ,and border as long as I know. Infinity Wars Wiki is a Fandom Games Community. Any changes must keep your deck legal. Once you play some games and learn the tempo of where your deck is working and where it isn't, start phasing out the non-faction cards. All newly released sets are not legal in ranked for the first week of their release so that they can fix cards that are either breaking the game or causing significant unforseen balance issues. You also get XP experience points for playing against the AI, infinity wars deck illegal the campaigns, and so forth. In future updates, the UI for social features will be greatly enhanced. infinity wars deck illegal