Line play treasure chest

line play treasure chest

New Treasure Chests! Season 8: Starry Tales Set! Treasure Chest period: Dec 14 - Feb 15, Go fishing for a chance to.
How do I do the Daily Quest "Fish up the trash in Treasure Island"? toggle. Try fishing and collect trash to progress in the quest. If your level is too high you might.
What kind of Treasure Chests are there? toggle. Wood Chest: Play one game for 60 seconds to get this bonus item! Bronze Chest: Get this chest by beating your.
line play treasure chest

Line play treasure chest - deposit bonus

If not, you fail and lose your catch. The administrators may view messages for monitoring purposes. DropDrop is back with so many cute items. If all of the fishing spots are being used, try going to Treasure Island again from the Warp Stone and you'll be able to find a Treasure Island Square with an open fishing spot. First, you should collect all the boosts while. The information was hard to follow. The Retry button will only appear if you fail to catch a large fish, and not for any of the other sizes. Simon's Blind Bag Treasure Chest Unboxing #21