Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant is a human rights activist, author, TV host and dad. He is not to everyone's taste. In Ezra was chosen as the “most irritating Canadian” by the.
How Ezra Levant built The Rebel: the angry, hate-filled, unapologetic and surprisingly successful 'Breitbart North'.
The Ezra Levant Show. Monday - Friday @ 8pm Get Ezra Levant's new book “ Trumping Trudeau” now! “Hate crime”? What they say INSIDE Toronto mosque. Ezra Levant

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His view has darkened. Punching someone or punching their camera which may be in front of their face could constitute assault. Congressional Human Rights Caucus "about the threat posed by radical Islam using Western legal mechanisms as weapons". Levant replayed the clip on a subsequent show and proceeded to identify one couple by name claiming that they were "professional protesters". They rob people blind. Pope Francis is political. I sued the Ezra Levant government and the Status of Women Canada for proven defamation, and learned the hard way that some people are allowed to Libel — and some people are not. But damaging property is not in way an excuse for the witch hunt that both Sheila and Ezra have initiated. Culture Wars with Tiffany Gabbay. And the thing is, Levant states his reasons for his dislike, and they tend to be justified. A lot of anger in this article — maybe the halo 4 games to play needs to look at their model and realize that it is not working. Ezra Levant: Opening statement to Human Rights Commission

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