Good fairy queen names

good fairy queen names

Caelia - ' fairy queen ' Shaylee - Fairy princess of the field (Celtic/Gaelic) Elva, Elvia, Elvie, Elfie, Elivina, Elvine, Elvyne, Elvin, Elvina, Elvena - good elf.
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This is a full list of names that mean sprite, fairy, or nymph. It would be really cute to give your child a name that means fairy, don't you think??. Snow White Kids Story My best friend called me yesterday and she is pregnant! Make a random name Generate a name from your own name Male Female. Breastfeeding and Formula Feeds. See also : Portal Category List of beings referred to as fairies. Rusalka a forest fairy in Czech. Cyrene was a water nymph who wrestled with a lion which endeared her to the sun god Apollo.