Jikin goldfish for sale online

jikin goldfish for sale online

Fancy goldfish can get up to 6 inches and they are great in a Koi pond! Panda Oranda Goldfish. Tri color Panda Oranda Goldfish.
about goldfish Jikin. Jikin. Jikin. Name, Jikin. Japanese name, Jikin. Year of Origin, Around Country of Origin, Japan (Owari region). Breeder.
Buy Goldfish Online specialize in large fancy goldfish that are rarely available at your local The Jikin, is another species developed in Japan from the Wakin.

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Not to mention that its even harder to get your hands on a perfect fish like that....... Red Cap Oranda Goldfish Md. Owari region, made the Jikin by selecting and mutating a Ryukin-type goldfish. Ranchu Black Goldfish sm. Panda Butterfly Tail Telescope Goldfish sm. jikin goldfish for sale online Goldfish of the month April: The JIKIN: This month we are having a look at a very special breed, and one that is not seen at all in pet stores-the Jikin. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Wakin Shubunkin Comet Jikin. Fish Book Japanese Goldfish Ranchu. That document doesn't exist.

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Coloration The Jikin is bred as calico, or in red and white, with the red only being in certain areas. Besides some other rare goldfish breeds like the Bristol shubunkin, and my all time favorite - the Philadelphia veiltail and a beauty by itself, Al has taken great length in further strengthening the jikin strain. Panda Telescope Butterfly tail Goldfish Md. Skin: xisf.org Powered by CubeCart. I want this to be a great experience and will always work with you to make sure you are happy. Follow us on Twitter! Black Bubble eye Goldfish sm.