Fun multiplayer games ps3

fun multiplayer games ps3

Top 10 PlayStation 3 Multiplayer Games Sony's seventh gen console and have selected those which were.
Multiplayer games for PlayStation 3 by Electronic Art the leader in interactive entertainment. Multiplayer Games for PS3. Platform PlayStation 3; Genre.
Like splitscreen or whatever, but on the same console multiplayer, not ONLINE. /r/ PS3 Official Recommended Games List . could be a bit childish for men to play but I am having fun playing little big planet with my wife.

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You won't be dissapointed. Forgot your username or password? Got a subreddit you want to see here? EA SPORTS Fight Night Champion. What I have: -Castlevania Harmony of Despair -Dead Nation -Scott Pilgrim -Double Draon Neon -Wipeout HD -Hard Corps Uprising I'm looking for something to play for a quick game when friends come to my place. If they DON'T care, they WON'T bother posting.
PS3's Best Split Screen Games SOCOM: US Navy Seals. It will look like this:. View More Dead Space Games. Since the most recent update the game has gotten a lot better. Despite the huge popularity of PC MMORPGs Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Gamesconsoles are still yet to fully adopt. Definitely a great relationship game! You battle others in your car for points with different weapons that you can pick up.

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Starhawk and Sony Smash Bros look great too. That's excluding the chronicles series. CoD has always been up there with the best of multiplayer and these new additions have made it even better. You can just check some reviews but most of them get great scores. Now gamers can enjoy a more interactive and immersive experience than ever.