Konami rulings email

konami rulings email

How do I email konami for rulings, like what is their email address, cause I'm seriously getting ticked at getting different opinions on certian  please email konami and ask them to release rulings for.
If Konami allow you to make one anime card/archetype become real .. I know you can email Konami with ruling questions and they answer.
I sent one a week ago Friday, and have yet to hear a response. It is rumored that it takes a long time for them to respond, so I'm wondering how. konami rulings email XYZ Ruling Changed!!!

Konami rulings email - downloads

Use the e-mail addresses below to contact our team at Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. I've heard complaints from other places about the inaccuracies of this wiki. Pokemon X and Y Wi-Fi Battle Requests. UDE's "Pirates of the Caribbean" TCG Gossip. As long as Konami issues a new ruling, we should try to follow it.
I'm just saying our opinions don't matter concerning a ruling that may not make easy sense like the BKSS rulings. Konami also allows players to email them with any questions that they may have about rulings. Besides a few discrepancies, the game is very much the same here as it is. You can probably get that konami rulings email. Magic: The Gathering Team Discussion. Yu-Gi-Oh International Trade Forums.