Double diamond lower 9mm ar

double diamond lower 9mm ar

DDLES 9MM AR 15 lower overview. Palmetto State Armory (PSA) 16" 9mm AR Upper and Lower Parts.
PSA 9mm Glock AR Lower Receiver Magpul MOE M4. 1, 0, 4h 49m + McClure Outdoor AR15 9mm Billet Lower Glock AR -15. 1, 0, 7h.
I've been bringing in the Double Diamond LE 9MM lowers for customers for the past year. I was convinced that for 9MM AR Builds this is the. Less time than a NFA tax stamp. Log in or sign up to reply. So the bad part was waiting so long for it and being reminded that I was waiting every time I opened the safe and saw the upper receiver sitting on the shelf all by its self. Not worth it in my opinion. Originally Posted by High-Cap. moriarti armaments 9mm sbr ar9 lower build