Online game sites that has dark background

online game sites that has dark background

You should avoid using white text on a dark background when However, most studies have shown that dark characters on a light background are superior . For game sites it is a little bit different - they usually play with big.
Gaming website templates have become quite popular web design tools for a as bad as you might think, as there are affordable solutions to be found online. It has dark background that will highlight lighter main content.
Gaming has evolved dramatically over the past 30 years, even more so backgrounds and drop shadows really give this website a modern look. The design of this website is striking, with a bold mix of black, red and white. In fact, after long reading sessions on my "inverse" environment, my eyes are usually less tired than when reading regular black-on-white text. I tend to push the lines because my focus is solely on moving the revenue needles with conversions. Dragontree spa portland oregon the consensus of poorly educated relatively speaking web designers have chosen a white background on black text as a de-facto standard. Then forget flashy templates. I think white sites would be hated if the vast majority of sites were black. And a little bit more time and effort and adapting the design sensibilities to the dark background look results in more-tolerable examples.

Online game sites that has dark background - official site

And that's not good because I have perfect vision. Spotify, one of the most used applications on the web uses a dark background. There's TONS of good dark themed sites and applications. I cant stand a small intense rectangle of white when reading on my DROID. Color psychology is the science of how color affects human behavior.
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