Exotic wager calculator android app

exotic wager calculator android app

Ultimate Bet Calc is a horse/bet calculator covering a wide range of Full each- way settling on ALL bet types including accumulators and exotic bet types. The Sports Bet Calculator is the premier free bet calculator app.
Does anyone know where I can get an android app that will calculate part wheels for trifectas and supers? Or at least a web or download-able.
Wager Gauger - Bet Calculator: Android app (3.9 ☆, 500+ downloads) → Wager Gauger is a bet calculator. It calculates the cost of exotic bets.

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I clearly recall those triactor pools exceeding a quarter million dollars, which is more than what the local handle is these days for an entire daily card. Added more wager amounts. It's difficult to do in your head because of the overlaps. Don't miss interesting stories. Most trifecta or super calculations are simpler and only require one multiplication for the total combinations. If you are using any of the ADWs they will calculate the bets automatically too. Android Studio: Calculator App