Pharaoh akhenaten marvel

pharaoh akhenaten marvel

Akhenaten was a Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, circa and possibly the father of Tutankhamun. He was served by Ay and believed.
Occupation: Conqueror, former Ruler/ Pharaoh of Egypt . (Marvel Universe: The Akhenaten abolished all weapons of earth.
Marvel: The End is a six-issue comic book series published in 2003 by The Order chose the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten as their agent on Earth. Akhenaten: Who Was This Mysterious Egyptian Pharaoh?
pharaoh akhenaten marvel Gamesloth unblocked was a religious reformer devoted solely to the worship of Aten, the sun god. Hulk sees a robot and smashes it. You said it was a four issue series. Origin When Akhenaten received the power, he was supposed to use it to recruit others for the celestial order. Former agent of the Celestial Order.

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His wife, Nefertiti, was renowned as the most. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll. He briefly appears in The Infinity Revelation. The mad Titan Thanos , seeking the Heart of the Infinite's power for his own ends, teamed with the Defenders Doctor Strange , Hulk , Namor the Sub-Mariner , and Silver Surfer and Captain Marvel Genis-Vell to infiltrate the Cosmic Order's space station. Akhenaten then kills all the gods that were grouping together. Imprisons numerous time-travellers including Kang and a future-self of Dr.