Water dragon diet list

water dragon diet list

The Chinese water dragons also eat fruits. Though these reptiles never touch vegetables, you need to make them eat a certain quantity of vegetables. It is best if.
Asian water dragons, also known as the green water dragon or Chinese water If you have a female and do not plan on breeding, it is important to have it spayed at . are an important component of a juvenile-to-adult water dragon's diet.
Diet of Chinese water dragons,pinkie,fuzzie,fish,live rodents,common food items insects that are not mentioned on this list as they may be toxic to your dragon. ‎ Diet: How often to feed your · ‎ Food Items to offer: · ‎ Insects · ‎ Earthworms.

Water dragon diet list - watch live

Your new lizard requires specific items for good care. We recommend using a thermostat or rheostat control to safely maintain the needed temperature range. Smaller food items are more nutritious. Therefore their diet should include. DO NOT use reptile heat rocks. Water dragons use their tails for balance and leverage when climbing, and they can use them to whip would-be attackers, predators or keepers. All reptiles must have distinct day and night periods in their enclosure to maintain their biological rhythms. How to feed leafy greens to your chinese water dragon. Sand blasted grape vine branches are available in the pet store. An In-Depth Look At UV Light And Its Proper Use With Reptiles. There should not be glass or plastic between the light and the dragon as this will block most of the UVB rays from reaching your lizard. Water dragons are arboreal water dragon diet list dwelling creatures, yet are also semi-aquatic and can spend a considerable amount of time on the ground and in the water. Without proper UVB lighting, water dragons often develop nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism also known as metabolic bone diseasewhich causes their bones to soften, bend and break easily.