Ar bookshelf speakers

ar bookshelf speakers

Acoustic Research AR - Bookshelf Speakers - bookshelf with.
Hook up these compact, affordable bookshelf speakers from Acoustic Research, and get ready to be impressed! The will thrill you with sound that's crisp.
The flexible AR is a great speaker for both music and home theater systems. This bookshelf model is a true high-performance speaker ' shockingly. In fact, I slotsplus review have it on my to do list to tame the upper mid slightly more and bring the lower mid up slightly to balance things. That's the downside of the internet only marketing plan. Excellent value and sound. No warranty is implied or. Steve, This is certainly an interesting comparison! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Ar bookshelf speakers up for a new account in our community.
ar bookshelf speakers

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Odds of winning pick 4 box Subscribe for the Latest AV Reviews and Special Member Offers and get the Audioholics Top AV Gear Guide Picks FREE! I also listen to a fair bit of lute ar bookshelf speakers harpsichord music and the ARs did an admirable job handling this kind of music. Read hanging roulette ball Newest Review! These are my personal feeling and listening experience and by the way I am a real AR fanatic so I may be bias without realizing it! This is certainly an interesting comparison! That's the downside of the internet only marketing plan. Ten years—a feat absolutely unequalled.
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Home Theater Connection Help. But a hideaway subwoofer and five small, easy-to-place, barely-visible sats? Check out our Youtube Channel and Subscribe Click Here. They both have been tested and are working. I then added a sub from my ht system and they sounded even better. But I am pretty thrilled at what these little guys are capable of putting out. This is the reason that most of the older AR's -- with their sometimes jagged near-field frequency response -- always sound natural and life-like when heard in the reverberant field in a normal listening room.

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I think I meant 'bookshelf' more as a size category than as a mounting configuration. I recommended them to people in home theater and audio forums as well as to friends and family members. Tim from Sears Brand Central didn't like them. It can be a hassle to detach the grills without scratching or damaging the veneer or grill cloth! Why was it "by pure happenstance" that the drivers were arranged so that the speakers would work well both ways?