Cod origins thunder fist

cod origins thunder fist

The Easter Egg for Black Ops 2 Origins is one of the hardest challenges from any of the zombie maps. You've now got upgraded Thunderfists which are like Elemental fists. Top 10 Best Zombies Maps - Call of Duty, Black Ops, WaW.
In Origins you can upgrade your melee attack so that it gains power and can strike multiple zombies at one time. Thunder Fists is one of the rewards earned from the Rituals of The Ancients Chest. Zombies must be killed within the Giant Robots footprint in which the chest sits.
upgrade that replaces the player's standard knife in the Zombies map Origins. causing zombies to fly away, similarly to the Thundergun from Call of Duty: After the player has their Iron Fists, they need to enter any three of the robot's head.
Both Oden and Freya have walked theirs twice in a row. Three of these chests are in footprints in Oden's patrol and one is in a footprint in Freya's free gun games fps. Skip to Wiki Navigation. When the player is downed they will bleedout as soon as the purge sequence is over and ejects them out the head. The same robot rarely patrols twice in a row. Don't start the round inside the footprint, make sure you have the ability to move cod origins thunder fist if Panzer Soldat shows up. All the players in the game should concentrate on filling one chest.

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Moderators reserve the right to remove any content or user, based off of their own discretion. Call of Duty Zombies is an alternate gamemode in the first-person shooter video games developed by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer, and published by Activision. I will number the chests for identification purposes only, they do not need to be filled in any type of order. When you can, hold the last zombie until the robot passes the footprint you are filling. This is an archived post.