Iwata supernova review forum

iwata supernova review forum

Is the Iwata Supernova clear gun a faster gun than the love my but it is slower than I'd like.I have heard good things about.
The Anest Iwata Supernova Pininfarina is a great looking Spray Gun with a good feel in the hand and light.
Anybody using the new Super Nova? Hows it compare to the Satas? When I was using satas I loved them then I tried an Iwata and I loved that. Iwata supernova.

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If you have to cut and buff everything it does not matter as much. Disclaimer: The ideas and methods described in this web site were developed under unique situations. I have had it with Sata. This demo was done with the basecoat gold cap including clear which SprayTech liked the results. Please enter a password for your user account.

Iwata supernova review forum - Londres atlantic

The IWATA will get the job done with solvent very well, but it is appreciably slower than the Tekna's and Sata's. What is a good place to order the SATA from?? I was undecided between Iwata and Sata until then. If I were to tell you how good the features and more importantly the benifits were by using this gun - you'd say yuh sure more sales BS - so to make a long story short I won't tell it.. If a man says something in the garage - and his wife can't hear him - is he still wrong!!! Please enter a password for your user account.

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ONLINE 215 LICENSE CALIFORNIA Originally Posted by irinaconst. And yes, you can use the RP for base and clear. Their w line is equivalent to the sata rp line. Flaming River Industries Inc. So did Iwata do away with multiple base coat caps? Now this time I used the gun from start to finish. That is the gun that I was leaning .
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I was undecided between Iwata and Sata until. I do like and spray more confidently using a non-HVLP gun. What Should Be a Spray Gun Nozzle Size? All information on this site is the property of Stuart's xisf.org and may not be reproduced without Pyramidal tracts written permission. I have had it with Sata. iwata supernova review forum