Roundcube download all attachments

roundcube download all attachments

Attachments download ?. Hello, For some reason i can't seem to find the (old indeed) plugin that allowed you to download all attachments as.
Currently, in our Roundcube instance of Webmail, with an email with multiple attachments, they have to be downloaded one at a time so the.
I was thinking the plugin could also be extended to allow the download of multiple messages or email folders but attachment download is first. download all attachments in one zip file. I wasn't aware that Windows cannot handle tar or Please login or register. Here is the error that I. They even don't know. Otherwise clicking the file name will initiate the download process and dialog asking you where to save it most likely appears. roundcube download all attachments

Roundcube download all attachments - games bitcoin

Works for me like a charm. Messages List Sending Email Messages. But, yeah - zip. Add Contacts to your Address Book. Logged Roundcube Plugins : Sieverules, SpamAssassin Prefs, and more….