Sphinx search iostat

Basically, they let you slice and dice the query, greatly reduce locking can be done running iostat on linux (on some distributions the package.
How iostat figures out to take CPU idle time to consider as %idle or %iowait? I was going .. Server running nginx as a proxy, mysql server and sphinx - search.
14, backups, System, iostat, System, OS tuning, 2x – 4x . Description: The Sphinx search engine was twice as fast on AWS Linux than. Here's a link to the iostat output:. With ranged queries Sphinx will be fetching the data in small steps, this significantly reduces the load on database and requires less memory. You can leave a responseor trackback velocity flash code your own site. This showed poor CPU affinity, with the hot thread walking sphinx search iostat even-numbered CPUs instead of staying put, which is a known kernel scheduler bug that has been fixed in a newer kernel version. If your server is experiencing a high load, we recommend investi. This included capturing which processes were executed using execsnoop, and dumping ZFS metrics from kstat, including arcstats.