Kenobi and satine

kenobi and satine

Satine was thrown in prison, but rescued by her old love Obi-Wan Kenobi and her sister Bo-Katan. Her escape was short-lived, however: Maul's forces.
Now, although I don't ship Satine /Obi-Wan as much as I do with Sabe/Obi-Wan, I believe that a secret Kryze/ Kenobi child could make a.
So Obi-Wan could easily have fathered a child with Satine and have to be the father of Rey for her bloodline to be connected to the Kenobi's.
Darth Maul Kills Duchess Satine and Breaks Obi-Wan - Sad Moment from Star Wars The Clone Wars - HD kenobi and satine

Kenobi and satine - contesting parking

However, the Padawan fell and dropped her, leaving her with a permanent scar from the fall. Requests for pairings are open! My expose on how simply liking Adam Levine reveals six truths about myself. Shortly after entering hyperspace , the Duchess called up the two Jedi to her throne room. He put the small droid under a lid and began to walk around the table. Kryze could not believe the untruths spoken from such an honorable man.