The mystic dragons mod 1.8

the mystic dragons mod 1.8

Dragon Mounts Mod for Minecraft 1.8.2/ 1.8.1 - Dragon is one of the most mystical animals. Many of us like them even though there is no hard.
The Minecraft JC's Dragons Mod (was previously known as the Dragon Bros. + Mystic trees and saplings, mystic slimes, as well as mystic gel.
Ender dragons are included in minecraft, but that's definitely not enough, this mod adds different types of dragons into minecraft, and there are more to come!. Dragon Mounts - Minecraft Mod

The mystic dragons mod 1.8 - players sports

I do, however, have the texture for it made. I do plan on making another mod here called "J-C's Pets" which will add the dragons from this mod plus many other types of animals. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Also, as ModderPenguin said, there really isn't much in this mod, but hey, if I approve of your mod pack, then maybe. Honestly, i've forgotten all about this mod. Thought I'd say congratulations on a huge success with this mod. At the time being I am recoding the structure of the mod. the mystic dragons mod 1.8 Anyway, I hope you enjoy my first mod! Green dragons eat glistening melons. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. I will mention it if I do happen to find one. I have started coding Aslophogis tools, and sword. Have all the stuff free lucky free slots the next update ready except for the aslophogis ore. I kinda gave up on that XD I have decided an RPG mod will be more fun, thus MinePG.