Which pink lady are you from grease 2

which pink lady are you from grease 2

The leader of the Pink Ladies is Stephanie Zinone. Stephanie is the coolest of the Pinks. Stephanie is a strong and independent senior at Rydell High School.
Do you love Grease 2 as much as I do? And do you believe Question 2: And the Pink Ladies? Question 6: Which T-Bird opens the door for the Pink Ladies?.
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Which pink lady are you from grease 2 - party bonus

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Which pink lady are you from grease 2 - preschool letter

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What is the worst thing people say about you? Stephanie, Sharon, Stacie, Sarah. You are signed in as. The prettier the Pink Lady, the more interested the unattached T-Bird will be. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.