Best current nfl linebackers

best current nfl linebackers

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Nearly eight weeks through the season, the league's best linebackers are To see the grades and rankings for all NFL players, be sure to access a free trial of.
Rod Woodson says former teammate Ray Lewis is No. 2. Watch to find out who is No. 1.

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He moves his feet and uses his hands to keep blockers away from him while filling gaps and finding ball-carriers. Mychal Kendricks has excelled at nearly every aspect of playing linebacker. He needs to work on his discipline and not getting caught out of position. When working forward and underneath routes, Posluszny is an effective coverage linebacker. The seven-year veteran has never been much of a pass-rusher. NASCAR fans are outraged at the Monster Energy girls' revealing outfits.

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Laurinaitis has not missed an NFL game, not one. Acho lacks the strength to handle tight ends in man coverage but can stay on their hips with his speed. As a rotational two-down linebacker, Brinkley has found a role as a run-stuffer. The athleticism is there to be sure, but now he is catching up with the mental aspect of the game. With more experience inside, Misi reads and recognizes plays, but he is not going to do much in man coverage. An instinctive player who plays with a good motor and hustle. McClain has good length but lacks pass-rushing technique and closing speed. He was one of the most disruptive interior rushers in the league last season. Given his athleticism and smaller size, Woodyard is a big part of the new trend to get more best current nfl linebackers and less bulky at middle linebacker. Should Junior have returned? Davis needs the experience and opportunity to win big casino slots he can play both the run and pass to be a complete inside linebacker. best current nfl linebackers