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Fandom: NCIS Pairing: Gen Length: 58 000 words. Author on LJ: don't know Author Website: fanfiction. net. Why this must be read: This very.
My most recent group therapy story, using my current WIPs (some of which haven 't been posted here, yet). The Tims still have reasons for.
I have stories posted on ff. net and flashfic on LJ. Most of my stories aren't on here. I only post my challenge entries to the storyboard. If you want to read my.

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Sequel to On That Night and A Fire into Many Flames Divided. Servo singing " Oh, I wish that I was blowing up Prince Edward Island, and moving on to bomb Ontario... Paula reflects on her relationship with Tony at the end of Grace Period. Now I kinda wish I'd just not written the thing. McGeecentric of course, but the whole team is there. It's Ziva's first Christmas in DC and she doesn't want to spend it by herself and so she gets Tim to give her an introduction to celebrating Christmas. I'll post one chapter per day. This is poker governor four in what I'm now calling my Father Charles series. Oneshot entry for the NFA Is That Good or Bad? Jack by Precious Pup. Forgot to say last time how great those caps. The sixth story in my Father Charles series. Tim wishes things were different. Sam McGee : The father of Tim McGee.
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