Kendo chart refresh

kendo chart refresh

This demo shows how the API manipulates the methods, applicable to Kendo UI jQuery-based chart components."updateChart", function () { $("# chart ").data(" kendoChart ").; }); here is the code for my controller.
I find the kendoui chart has two methods:refersh method and redraw method But if the chart is binding from remote data according to ajax,the. Sign up using Google. The chart seems to update properly. Redraw and Refresh of the chart are slightly different. Sign up or log in. I find kendo chart refresh kendoui chart has two methods: refresh method and redraw method, what is the difference? The API documentation available from the website is limited. kendo chart refresh

Kendo chart refresh - contesting

Where is the documentation that describes all of the methods available for xisf.orger? I think both of them is to draw the chart again. Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. Has copied a call chart from JavaScript and on the test data all works. Discuss the workings and policies of this site. Sign up using Email and Password.