Super bowl odds 2016

super bowl odds 2016

The Carolina Panthers are an incredibly popular pick to win Super Bowl 50 with relative ease. This means sportsbooks will be rooting for the.
NFL Future Book Odds provided by, along with more pro football information for your sports Odds to win Super Bowl LII.
We've reached the final week of the 2016 NFL season, which naturally means we 're close to having this year's playoff field set. All six teams are. super bowl odds 2016
Here's a look at the opening moneyline odds for the game. I think they'll be bad, but they could be not terrible. They are shopping for the best number, and also waiting for any pertinent information on the final injury report. Reminder: these were the book's initial opening odds and they will surely change in the coming days. Dolphins, Jags to swap Albert, Thomas.

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Call them what you might but what you should probably not call them just yet is your bet to win the Super Bowl. Follow us on Twitter. The only downside of betting on them to win the Super Bowl is it requires playoff wins. Your team ends up peaking. Victor Cruz visits Carolina Panthers. Best Chance at Super Bowl: Browns, Jaguars, Lions, or Texans?