Player choice godfest 2016

player choice godfest 2016

The Player's Choice Godfest has returned to Puzzle & Dragons for the 150K The lineup and further details of the Godfest will be announced at a later date.
* Players ' Choice Godfest * [Duration]: 5/31 (Sat), 8:00 PM - 6/1 (Sun) 7:59 PM (PDT). Your voices have been heard, and your favorite gods are descending upon.
This was my post from the previous Player's Choice Godfest and is mostly for your entertainment to see what was voted for and their roll rates. player choice godfest 2016
[Mantastic] Player's Choice Godfest 101 Raphael went from zero to hero with his new ultimate evolution and active skill rework. Minerva was part of the first wave of Reincarnated Gods and has proven to be a powerful leader. Thus, Dark Kali will always have a place in the meta and numerous duplicates are strongly encouraged for Skill Inheritance as both a buffer for skill delays and providing a full board change. I was unable to create a table via WordPress, so I had to take a screenshot of player choice godfest 2016 table I made separately, so apologies for no clickable links to the characters. Like Like Congrats on your good luck!