Pocket knife 22 magnum pistol

pocket knife 22 magnum pistol

Inside Pants Holster IWB North American Arms 22 Mag Mini Revolver 1 5/8 . The grip has a clip on one side (which can make it appear as a pocket knife).
Jess shooting the revolver. NAA pocket knife gun . NEXT PISTOL FOR THE RANGE NAA PUG WITH.
North American Arms Sidewinder 22 Magnum Single Action Revolver. SIDEWINDER This a very small pocket revolver perfect for conceal carry. Shooting The Bull says:. It is a superb carry weapon. If you stuff it into a pocket and your car key pushes the trigger and it fires, that is not a problem with the gun. I own an NAA Pug and I have to say I absolutely love it. Squat and sturdy like it's namesake dog, the NAA Pu.
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