Ranger by omega games

ranger by omega games

Ranger is a tactical boardgame by Omega Games that simulates Ranger patrol and combat missions. The player starts by drawing a mission.
Omega Games will debut the on-line version of RANGER at the upcoming Maneuver Warfighting Conference, being held at the Iron Works Convention Center.
Ranger: Simulation of Modern Patrolling Operations is a tactical solitaire board wargame released by Omega Games in It was billed as a "game of modern.

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Requires Ranger and AO Victor Expansion Kit to play. But I haven't met any patrols so far. You would expect it to capture these operations well. Face the challenge of planning and executing a Ranger patrol on the modern battlefield. Experience the actual decisions faced by today's U. The outnumbered Government Forces fought a valiant delaying action against the better equipped invaders, but could not halt their advance. Of three titles they had designed Carrier War , Ranger , and Main Battle Area , Ranger was selected to be the first release.