Rumble rumble gurgle roar

rumble rumble gurgle roar

~ rumble grumble gurgle roar ~ “Well, i'm certainly not something for a little puppet to eat. You'll have to find something else, because i'm not.
Taken from the old Nick Jr Playtime site! Just For Me Story: Rumble, Grumble, Gurgle Roar.
In this lower space we will place the text. All three storybooks will follow this clean type solution. It is consistent and legible. Rumble,. Grumble,. Gurgle Roar.
Is it a costume party? It was that time of year. They all crashed into the kitchen counter. He climbed out and saw everyone all dressed up and fancy. Then I tried to eat something that was shiny and metal, but it turned out to be Withered Foxy.