Pawn stars trivia questions answers

pawn stars trivia questions answers

Pawn Stars Trivia Answers. May 16, 2013 at Why did the old man open the pawn shop? To make money. What's the oldest item in the shop?.
The daily trivia is an addition to Pawn Stars: The Game. It is a mini game where you have a multiple choice question every 8 hours, if you get the answer right.
Take the Quiz: Pawn Stars In Show Trivia. The television show Pawn Stars features trivia of its own. The questions pop up just before the show breaks for. What is the most valuable car ever purchased by the Pawn Shop? What is the most commonly-requested item that the shop does NOT carry? Which restoration project took the longest to complete? Which item has been in the shop the longest? The prize wheel rewards include the following:. Sue Which type of item is Rick most likely to buy?

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Which piece of clothing in the store is most valuable? You've got to be able to walk away. The first state-sponsored lottery in the U. Partner: Word Brain Cheats Animation Throwdown Words Crush Mobile Strike Resource. How many pawn shops currently operate in the U. President Benjamin Harrison How many employees did the Shop have when it opened? pawn stars trivia questions answers Pawn Stars: Pop Quiz