Silver fang akali or bloodmoon

silver fang akali or bloodmoon

I mean everyone loves Nurse Akali. I just see Blood Moon or Nurse. Silverfang is I dislike her face in Bloodmoon, Silverfang is pretty great.
Silverfang Akali or Bloodmoon Akali?? I like bloodmoon more, but silverfang has a better model (imo) ALBEIT with a horrific splash art. Blood Moon vs Silverfang Akali - League of.
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Silver fang akali or bloodmoon - official site

The same applies to Crimson Akali which is a basic re-colour. A times the background gives the feeling of a draft. With more sensible weapons the skin could pass for a stylish cook but the final result is that of an imposed joke. I don't like her Kamas in Silvermoon at all, that's why I bought Bloodmoon and I'm happy with it. On the contrary, while the model displays some expected stylisation, like the unavoidable cleavage, the clothes are clear enough. The sounds support the idea with impactful sounds. So throught hextech boxing I got all star akali. Nurse Akali, like the re-textures Stinger Akali and Crimson Akali, are better left for Akali fans and collectors. The piece you linked has a good balance between background and foreground. Her stance is dynamic and reinforces not only the theme but also her kunoichi agility.