Dual play glasses black ops 2

dual play glasses black ops 2

LG Electronics Cinema 3D Dual Play Gaming Glasses (2 Pair) LG Cinema 3D Glasses 2012 New Model 2 pairs Black . now, we've tested two different games with these glasses: Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2.
Find pictures, reviews, and tech specs for this LG Dual play. each other's screens while you battle it out in 2 -player games such as Call of Duty®: Black Ops II.
Any Passive 3D TV; Any split screen capable game; Dual Play glasses or modified 3D glasses. Tip: For . Black Ops 2 Zombies: TB 3D Right Glasses View.

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Regards dj For this trick you do not need an LG TV I use a Vizio TV for this , and yes I hate splitscreen as well — quite distracting while playing a game. Give Amazon Prime as a gift. Mark Topic as New. I do use passive glasses though, since my TV works with passive glasses. ViMediaManager ViMediaManager is a media manager for Mac OS X, allowing you to gather, store, and manage information, extra art, trailers and television tunes for your movie, television etc for use with for example XBMC.

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Please login or make a quick account free to view and post comments. Create a Wedding Registry. Subscribe to RSS Feed. Try having a kid that wants to watch a kid show, while you are trying to watch something else? Chmod Calculator — Set file permission with chmod. It would be a great idea to start compiling a list of games that can be played that way, I can start a table in this article. dual play glasses black ops 2