Lucky duck quiver

lucky duck quiver

Place the Lucky Duck ® Quiver Magnet™ H2O directly in the water on calm, windless days to stir up ripples and add realistic ''quivering'' motion to your decoys.
Quiver Magnet H20, a simple and easy way to make waves! Constant movement adds ripples like real ducks. Color allows them to blend in to the waters surface.
Nothing sends a better "all is clear" signal to flying waterfowl than the sight of feeding ducks. And these new Quiver Duck B. Will use these in the future on windless days as well. Share your love of the outdoors. Also the tabs that lock the batteries in have broken, and the batteries now rattle loose. Just added to your cart! Batteries, anchor line and weight lucky duck quiver included. Work needs to be done to improve this product, like maybe a rechargable battery system similar to a "mojo" duck.