Open sim slot iphone 5

open sim slot iphone 5

I can't get my SIM card tray open? I'm using a paper clip but it won't open. With your iPhone, sometimes you have to apply more pressure to push in than you can.
Some people here seem to have iPhone SIM cards that have been # 5. The 2 of us are really struggling to get the SIM tray open. We can get it.
So how can I open up the SIM card slot of an iPhone without the pin. I tried a toothpick answered Jan 8 '16 at Chenmunka. 9401 5. open sim slot iphone 5

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Open sim slot iphone 5 It may not display this or other websites correctly. It is not easy to just open the device on your own, without the proper tools. App Store Business, Legal and Marketing. Just use the part of the earring your thread through your ear lobe. Switching or getting a New iPhone but want to keep everything you had before? You are using an out of date browser. I'm just waiting patiently to get through to customer support.
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Lover of all things vintage and holistic healing. We can get it, but it's hit or miss. You need to use a larger paper clip, something around. Please enter a title. You are using an outdated browser. Apple and Apple Services. Find out which SIM card your devices uses. Have used paper clip, push pin, neither works. Did you manage to slide out the tray, is it on the RHS ,I am frightened I damage to phone. I've been waiting now. You need to use a larger paper clip, something. Why I Pre-Ordered The Nintendo Switch And You Should Too Games Consoles.