Chinese hand carved jade dragon pendant

chinese hand carved jade dragon pendant

This pendant is an excellently hand carved Chinese Pi Xiu Dragon pendant. The Dragon is one the signs in the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese Pi Xui Dragon.
Spectacular Late - Early Chinese Charm basket Bracelet. Vintage Parures. $194 USD SALE. Vintage Hand Carved Devil's Work Jade Sterling.
Vintage Chinese Hand Carved Jade Butterfly Pendant Jasper Aventurine Jade Two Chinese Jade Dragon and Phoenix Pendant with Tiny Gemstone Bead.
chinese hand carved jade dragon pendant The color of this Jade pendant is gorgeous and very popular apple green Jade. Cheap blue dragon pendant. The colors are light Lavender and Russet Jade. We've detected that you're using an outdated browser. Fine Quality Jade Dragon Bangle with Symbols for Harmony and Strength. You wpt online watch just ignore this message if your browser meets your needs, but we highly recommend changing to Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Popular Videos - Jade & Jadeite