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moon warriors wiki

Sign of the Moon is the fourth book in the Omen of the Stars arc. He must travel to the mountains in search of answers that link the Clans to the Tribe in ways no cat could have imagined. "Reader anticipation runs high for this fourth installment of Erin Hunter's resilient Warriors.
"All the cats in the Tribe are my kits, even the elders. Half Moon, or is a white with dark green eyes. Stoneteller, now known as Half Moon in the afterlife, is the first cat to welcome Moth Flight to the Moonstone.
Moon Shadow is a slender night-black tom. Father. Moon Warriors Andy Lau Sammo Hung Final
moon warriors wiki

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You are a Tribe now, united in loyalty to everything you represent. Cats of the Clans. Moon Shadow : " Who died and put you in charge? Retrieved from " We have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers. Omen of the Stars. Dewy Leaf padded alongside him.