Poker double or nothing roi

poker double or nothing roi

Hey there, I've been playing and beating Micro Stake's DoN for a month now. I have a solid sample size of 2500 SnGs combined so I my ROI.
I decided to start him out at the 1 Double or Nothing SnG's on. currently sitting at 13 cashes out of 18 games, which translates to ROI. Double or Nothing SNGs strategy?.
Poker Training ยท Poker Videos . Bluandbrneyes, asked me about ROI of double or nothing sng's. Firstly ROI isn't the best or relative measure of ones results, as it doesn't take # of games played into account. If you play.
poker double or nothing roi All the time the site leeches your BR away in rake. Location: Remembering when stars was good. In most, everyone tightens up an extreme amount, so by eating the blinds up you maintain your stack and unpredictability. As long as you're not officially part of those who'll double their stake, don't miss out on stealing some blinds. Teaser payouts calculator Expats - Shooting Off. Hope to see you following through on this especially near the higher limits.