Cross country speed ratings

cross country speed ratings

Bill Meylan is an assistant cross country coach at Tully High School, No, it's Meylan's speed ratings --a number he assigns to each runner.
Though creating any type of cross country rankings is tough and very much open to vigorously dissenting opinions, the task of ranking teams.
FloRatings is a universal ranking system for all cross country races and Meylan has been creating Speed Ratings for over a decade and has. cross country speed ratings

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It just is what it is and should be used for analysis and other things should be taken into account. It may work OK sometimes, but it usually fails when the weather turns. NXN Nationals file photo. By Meylan's system, the fastest runners, the kids who set records and grab the most attention, are almost meaningless. Course Rating System: Making Sense Out of XC Time Variations. Newsletters Delivered to your inbox. The plan is to keep iterating this formula and this experiment. The obvious reaction is: "Are you comparing people to horses? Speed Ratings in Handicapping NXN Nationals Nov. First, the easy. Runners - Cross Country. Enter your email or disable your ad blocker to access all content on.

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Might Contend at NTN June. To the scientist, they are outliers in the much larger, more important data set. He also plans on shutting it down once he steps away from coaching. They stand as the only program to qualify four individuals at a single Foot Locker Regional, also being one of the tougher regions that year. It's a universal rating system that is accurate, but not precise.