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He has discovered that water changes it's molecular structure, based on words, images, music and even intentions. Decorate your home with EternalGlyphics.
Inspired by geometry, nature and the spirit, I bring hand crafted sacred art, symbols that not only amaze the eyes, but help to open the heart. Missing: music.
Boy Modeling School · Knobody · Musab · O.C. · Prince Ali · Yameen · Z-Man. See also. Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings.

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After the Mamalama performance there will be a chance for festival goers to meet with the band and discuss their music at an informal session in the Pine Hill Bookstore, up the street from the Community Center. Sacred Geometry Art on Facebook. There will also be a photo booth to record the costume after it is together. Whether for accents around your home or the centerpiece of your office, our art will reinforce your connection to the universe. How Art Is Made: In the Catskills. SWEET VIOLETS FOR VALENTINE'S DAY.
Classical guitar virtuouso Phil Micciche will end the musical side of the festival on Sunday afternoon with his entrancing guitar interpretations of J. Cho Ku Rei: Reiki Eternal glyphics music S. It covers major trends in music, dance, theater, film, visual art, sculpture, and performance art-as well as architecture, science, and culture. New Profiles Dead Assassin Chem Y-Luk-O. Handsome Boy Modeling School.