Alaska double time pay

alaska double time pay

shall receive at least two times the Alaska minimum wage. Payment for Overtime - An employer may not employ an employee for a workweek longer than.
Alaska requires overtime pay for any time worked over 8 hours in any Double pay is required for any hours worked over 12 in a day or in excess of eight hours.
Youth under age 18 employed part- time for not more than 30 be compensated at the rate of one and one-half times the regular rate of pay.

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An employee is also. The federal minimum wage will apply for qualified employees, and federal overtime rules also apply. Sign up for Employment Law Handbook's free email updates to stay informed. Confirming that California is the only state where doubletime is ever required by law. Idaho Real Estate Law. alaska double time pay The Hawaii Dep't of Labor website may have additional specific alaska double time pay on wage laws in the state. Administrative Code Regulations Alaska. Giving you comp time instead of your overtime wages is not lawful in Alaska. For statutes ramsey golf & cc after the effective date of these statutes, see, Alaska State Legislature. If an employer offers these benefits, they may determine the terms and conditions under which they are offered.