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I don't believe playing game is fun only when we win. It is obvious that everyone likes to win. It has become a proverb that lose is bitter, or lose. I don't know anyone who plays to be a loser. For example when I fun only backgammon, it IS Kota Tua Jakarta important TO me, fun only wins. Hi Kattie, a good effort, but I don't think this is one of your stronger essays. The competitors of the opposing team creates a real thrill in a game. I think games simulate our lives and we can learn a lot of things even we lose in games. The chance of lose or win is fifty percent. If we will just play a game for shake [the sake] of winning it, then our focus will be on target, which is good, but on the other hand sometimes we find many people [become overly involved] involves seriously in a game if they lose it. fun only

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For example when I play backgammon, it IS not important TO me, who wins. For example every day and every time we are in a real game that we name it life. To conclude, I have perception that game played by sporting game spirit, active participation and tough competition is more essential than winning a game. Start FREE email English course now! Adult Swim UK Presents Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Start FREE email English course now!
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If you have heard this famous quote of Napoleon Bonaparte that said, "I lost many times until I learned how to defeat", you will understand why lose always is not bad. I think games simulate our lives and we can learn a lot of things even WHEN we lose in games. If we even take part in games, we can learn lots of things. In semi final game, which was in between South Africa and New Zealand, New Zealand was a winning team, but South African team had performed fantastic and played hard to compete, and to chase the goal. Therefore, it is essential winners teach us by defeat us. Even though South Africa lose the game, but they might have satisfaction to be close to chase the goal.