Fântâna River (Vișeu)

Fântâna River (Vișeu)

Fântâna, a village in Hoghiz Commune, Braşov County; Fântâna, a village in County; Fântâna River (Bran); Fântâna River (Ucea); Fântâna River (Vișeu).
The Vișeu River in northern Romania is a tributary of Tisa River. Its source is in the Rodna are tributaries to the river Vișeu: Left: Fântâna, Negoescu, Repedea, Pietrosu, Dragoș, Izvorul Negru, Drăguiasa, Bocicoel, Spânu, Mârza, Plăiuț.
100 kms from the junction on Viseu and Tisa rivers to the Prislop Pass where Fântâna de la Slatină Lake); or fresh water supply lakes (Strâmtori-Firiza and.

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Fântâna River (Vișeu) This category has only the following subcategory. Cancel Quizzes Lists Trending. The mountain relief of the Fântâna River (Vișeu) is very varied, depending on the method of formation and the geological era in which it was formed. Tell your friends about Wikiwand! Thus, we find here glacial relief, periglacial relief, volcanic, structural relief and areas with relief developed in crystalline and chalky rocks.
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Fântâna River (Vișeu) Rich in tourist sights, Viseu Fântâna River (Vișeu) Sus is a starting point for numerous routes that follow objectives with a real historical, cultural, and natural value, Mike Cotton (musician) the most beautiful and diverse landscapes. The message of this festival is: "Humor is the most efficient and truthful human means of socialization" and it addresses an intellectual public, who knows to appreciate the subtleties contained by such writings. After the Hungarian conquest, "The country of Maramures" also experienced the introduction of specific institutions, including the comitatus, together with the continuing existence of local autonomy in which the role of the Romanian nobles is well-documented. Vaserului Valley comprises a huge forested area, which is not inhabited Fântâna River (Vișeu) to the camps of workers and the only way of access is the forestry railway. Unfortunately, most of these resources are not currently used and therefore started clogging and were abandoned.
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The most important Romanian principality of the time were those of Cuhea of the Bogdanesti, of Mara and of Cosau. Lutoasa River Ruscova M. However, tourists can get to several mineral or salty water springs which are still being used by the locals. Izvorul Negru River Mara. Even though an unification of Romania with the whole of Maramures was requested, in the end the northern border was established on the Tisa river, the northern part of Maramures having been assigned to Czechoslovakia.
Fântâna River (Vișeu)

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Listen to this article... This list may not reflect recent changes learn more. Yes, this would make a good choice. Suggest as cover photo. Vaserului Valley comprises a huge forested area, which is not inhabited up to the camps of workers and the only way of access is the forestry railway. Fauna is very rich with a large number of rare, protected and endemic elements Carpathian bear, lynx, mink, wolf, marmot, boar, otter, wood grouse, Lyrurus tetrix, wagtail, eagle, hawk, blackbird, raven, hazel grouse.