Goldfish kiss workouts

goldfish kiss workouts

RX Bikini Bod. 12 days of 20 minute workouts. Let's face it. Sometimes having a lot of spare time to workout isn't always an option. Especially this time of year.
4 week HIIT Challenge. I think one of my very first fitness posts on here was talking about HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training. Well, it's time for a reunion.
Today's Workout. Was a good one. Someone is motivated, and ready to share some schweatyness ME! So, here's EXACTLY what went down in the gym today.

Goldfish kiss workouts - sport

Because you all really liked it when I posted my actual workout a few weeks ago. Walk around, cool down in the ocean, and feel freaking fantastic the rest of the day. Give thanks for good health, and making use of these amazing machines that are capable of so many cool things, called our bodies. I like to get up and move. Tagged: health fitness xs weight lifting interval training fitspo roxy outdoor fitness. Bonus points for being great to do before work. You can thank my cardio ADD for that one. 11 Crazy-Fit Kisses Someone is motivated, and ready to share some schweatyness…ME! Or go to Chipotle. I also use their programs from time to time. Kathryn Budig and Tiffany Cruikshank are the leaders of my yoga squad. Be sure to warm up and stretch thoroughly before starting. Please don't steal my pics or brain juice. goldfish kiss workouts