New vegas best primm sheriff

new vegas best primm sheriff

I think choosing the ex- sheriff has the better ending IMO And this right here is why Fallout New Vegas is far superior to most modern RPGs.
My Kind of Town is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas. and the NCR is ready to accept ownership of Primm, with Sergeant McGee as the new sheriff. . If you intend to reprogram him to become the sheriff, it may be best to do so before  ‎ Meyers · ‎ Primm Slim · ‎ Talk:My Kind of Town.
So I got the deputy out and he's asking me for a sheriff. I would like Primm to like me though what did you guys do? . I'm thinking weapon mods will probably be the best bet - anybody know where you can find a scope for. new vegas best primm sheriff

New vegas best primm sheriff - how make

He got shot and died instantly. No tax, but a safe town. Deputy Beagle or Johnson Nash. And the settlers are kinda mad at you.. Hmm - haven't come across any of the followers yet either - too bad, I could use that sniper to take on the jerks in NCRCF. Don't have an account? Talk to him about protecting the town.
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