Vanilla visa gift card not working online

vanilla visa gift card not working online

Does vanilla visa gift card don't work with psn? Registered: Online. posts. AM I registered it and tried to add funds to my psn but apparently it says "the card information is not valid.".
Visa Vanilla giftcard wont work. credit info is declined by credit card company card for online purchases, it takes 2 hours for the card to activate in most Is the max to wait 24 hours? because im still having problems and.
Common problems consumers face when trying to use a Visa Gift Card for online purchases. Also applies to MasterCard and American.

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It would take too long to go through what I have been through today. Thank goodness I listened to everyone about saving the receipts and packaging. Do yourself a favor, next time you want to send a family member or friend some money, either send it via wire transfer or fold up a nice crisp bill and put it in an envelope. I was told the money would be put back on the card after my grievance was submitted. See the FAQ for more information. WHAT IS MY NEXT STEP!?
The people at Walgreen's were extremely helpful and actually regretted not having further action available. Location: Where Hurricanes go to College. You can do this by either calling the issuer, or by visiting their web site. Sorry to hear that. Time for a charge . vanilla visa gift card not working online

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Online Travel Booking and Bidding Agencies. When she called the [help number], they wouldn't help her and hung up. Share your thoughts with the world. Checking the account on the website shows that the account is has no charges and the money is available and even customer service verifies this. Otherwise, they charge you monthly.