Lost sale fallacy

lost sale fallacy

The other great lost to piracy fallacy is that copyright owners tote up the value of all the illegally downloaded copies of music, movies etc at list.
To them, every unauthorized copy is a lost sale and another small dent in the company spreadsheet which, when added to a million others, will.
This is why Farmville is so addictive people have lost their jobs over it. Farmville is a . Every garage sale is a funeral for someone's sunk costs.

Lost sale fallacy - gam

For a game like Minecraft, I definitely believe it's at least broken even because the game has quite a long lifespan and has viral aspects in that people enjoy sharing what they create in and with the game. Farmville has shrunk since then. If I want my job back, I'm going to have to lower my demands. Sign up or login to join the discussions! It fills your home with things you no longer want or use. Perhaps if the owners had a special? All you fucking morons have lost sale fallacy do is equalise your regional licensing regime so that people residing in Spain are able to access Netflix, Lovefilm, Hulu or any other streaming service. Simply put, they are payments or investments which can never be recovered. Thinking, fast and slow. RED HERRING: attempting to hide a weakness in an argument by drawing attention. You must return, sometimes days later, to reap the reward of the time and virtual money you are spending. I'll say it again for the hard-of-thinking around here - people DO pay for such content around . lost sale fallacy