Pick 5 strategy horse racing

pick 5 strategy horse racing

Simple strategies for getting started with multi- race wagering April 5, 2010 5 comments The number of horses you pick is limited by both bankroll (how much you want to invest in the bet) and by how many horses you actually think have a.
There was a time I thought the Pick -4 was the best bet in racing. even four 2-1 horses winning consecutive races is a little over 1%, For example, if you have a single at 5 /2 and you invest $20 in P4 And if you don't have four horses you are willing to bet to win, make it a Pick -3 using the same strategy.
magically pick winners at a 40% clip, a one horse per race wager would have you winning the Pick horses in each race will yield a little better than 1 win in 5. pick 5 strategy horse racing

Pick 5 strategy horse racing - diamond vip

We're here to help! Regular players already know the value of this topic but it certainly bears repeating for anybody just getting into the game or just beginning to play multi-race bets: if you wager with any regularity, and you want to improve your game, you need to keep records of your plays. REPORTS DRF Quick Sheets. In the meantime, please feel free to try out some of the suggested Super High Five wagering strategies with or without some tinkering of your own. In an era where betting menus are overcrowded with exotic wagering options, few believed that the new bet would attract much interest or create any buzz. There are other alternatives to consider, of course, but none will be cheap, and you will need an iron constitution when you have the right key horse, the right major contenders, and yet still wind up with a few hundred dollars of losing tickets.