Roll dice 3 times

roll dice 3 times

SOLUTION: Suppose you roll a die 3 times. What is the probability that the face 6 will show up at least once? Suppose we roll a die 2 times. How many outcomes.
What are the odds of not getting 6 on a given roll: 5 / 6. Now since each roll is an up vote 1 down vote. Throw a dice six times - are you certain to get at least one six? The mean number of sixes in four throws is indeed 2 3.
There's only one way out of six to roll a three. (That's 1 out of 6, or Then, there's only one Every time you roll a dice you get 3 million dollars, but if it lands on a 6, you will go to jail for 30 years. How many times would you roll? If you roll.

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