David letterman speeding ticket

david letterman speeding ticket

David Letterman can't escape traffic tickets even in a state, Montana, with no posted daytime speed limit on its highways. Letterman found out.
''In Montana you don't see many posted speed limits,'' David Letterman, the recipient of a few speeding tickets himself, once joked. ''So, when.
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Late Night with David Letterman. The Letterman Foundation for Courtesy and Grooming. If we were to add a Volunteer Firefighter sticker to the back window, we could probably park on the White House lawn. Authorial Interview with Genevieve Graham. He's bouncing in his car seat--hey, at least he was fully buckled at all times--telling me what's happening in real time. Louis, where he was going to spend a fun-filled week with his Mimi and PawPaw. Rather than dictate a common speed, most states relied on a driver's common sense. david letterman speeding ticket