Game ps2 untuk 4 player

game ps2 untuk 4 player

Accepted Answer. IF you find racing you must need a lan connection and a 4 PS2 The game i know is just Gran Turismo 4 and you can limit it.
The PlayStation Multitap is a peripheral for the PlayStation console. It is an adapter that can be Both versions of will only function with original PlayStation games, while multiplayer PS2 games required a separate 1– 4 Players.
I'd like to compile a list o' 4 player (with use of multitap), games for the PS2. I just stopped to think about it, after checking the index and coming.
With a second multitap, up to eight controllers and memory cards can be plugged at. Nothing beat stompin' monsters with friends. I especially wanted to know games dealing with the racing genre Thanks. That made me think that maybe I should buy a. Seems to get great reviews, should be worth the buy. Top 10 PlayStation 2 Multiplayer Games game ps2 untuk 4 player

Game ps2 untuk 4 player - players only

Sure, we've already got their Baldur's Gate dungeon crawler on our list, but Champions of Norrath is the culmination of those original concepts. No, you can't play online or, uh, do anything online, downloading songs included , but at least you can rock out with your friends in the same living room. View my complete profile. Games for other platforms are also tracked by this attribute. Sitemap Advertise Careers Privacy Policy Ad Choice Terms of Use. Where to get list of all U. In classic RPG style, you'll interact with hundreds of NPCs, and you'll fight your share of battles in order to gain experience and level up.