Black paintings

black paintings

Arthur Lubow article on authenticity of Black Paintings, series of works by Francisco Goya, which depict nightmarish visions; Juan Jose.
In the last ten years of his life, Reinhardt focused solely on square, black paintings. In his unpublished writings, the artist indicates that these pictures relate.
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During the eight years that he researched his doctoral thesis, on the art of the court of Goya's royal patron, Charles IV, he spent five hours every weekday morning in the archives. Even today, when you come upon them in the sanitized confines of the Prado Museum, these nightmarish visions can unmoor you. Las parcas, o Atropos The Fates. People don't go looking for these technical terms used for furniture. Share this: Twitter Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn Black paintings Tumblr Reddit Email Print Like this: Like Loading.